The Simple Luxury of Going Freezerless: A Guide to Choosing and Using the Best Freezerless Refrigerators

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Tired of that bulky freezer taking up space in your refrigerator? Looking to simplify your food storage? Freezerless refrigerators, also called no-freezer fridges, provide a streamlined way to keep foods chilled and organized without a separate freezer compartment.

In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of going freezerless, compare top models, and answer common questions. Get tips to select the best fridge for your needs and learn how to maximize their convenience in your home. Discover the simple luxury a freezerless refrigerator offers!

Best 4 Freezerless Refrigerators on the Market

Numerous brands now offer high-quality freezerless refrigerators. Here are four top options with distinct features:


This ENERGY STAR certified model provides a spacious 24 cubic feet capacity in a standard width. LG’s smart cooling system maintains even temperatures throughout. Settings are managed through Wi-Fi and LG’s ThinQ app.

The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel exterior provides a modern look. Inside you’ll find bright LED lighting and LG’s signature door-in-door design for quick access. This fridge combines generous, customizable storage with smart home convenience.


For a narrowed footprint, GE’s 22 cubic foot freezerless fridge fits in tight spaces without sacrificing storage.

Advanced temperature management ensures food stays fresher longer across four zones – produce, beverage, general storage, and extra chill. Spillproof adjustable glass shelves make organizing effortless.

With a minimalist stainless finish and contoured door handles, this model mixes modern style and function. Night lights provide ambient illumination on late night snack runs!

Sub-Zero BI-36U/S

Luxury brand Sub-Zero is synonymous with quality. Their 36-inch undercounter freezerless model brings elite features to tight spaces.

The commercial-grade stainless steel exterior houses dual refrigeration systems for precision cooling. Air purification, humidity control, LED lighting, and smart touch controls ensure an ideal chilled environment.

Though compact, this fridge provides ample, flexible storage like dual slide-out bins. For a built-in fitted look, optional panels, handles, and trim kits are available.

U-Line U-1224BEVINT-00

For compact refrigeration geared specifically to beverage storage, U-Line’s 24-inch undercounter unit delivers.

The UV-resistant tinted glass door displays your wine and beer selection elegantly. A modular wine rack holds bottles securely. Integrated carbon filtration protects taste.

With narrow dimensions, this model maximizes space efficiency. The intuitive digital touchscreen makes adjusting and monitoring the dual-zone interior easy. Entertain in style with this modern beverage center!

Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Freezerless Fridge

With an array of great models available, keep these factors in mind when selecting the right freezerless refrigerator:

Size and Dimensions

Consider the dimensions of the space you want to install the unit, then choose adequate capacity to fit your needs. Standard width models typically range from 16 to 36 cubic feet. Undercounter styles have narrower footprints with reduced capacities.

If hosting large gatherings frequently, prioritize generous storage. But if space is very limited, compact undercounter units may work better.

Intended Use

Determine what you’ll primarily store. General food and produce? Lots of chilled beverages for entertaining?

Specialized beverage centers offer ideal temperature zones, racks, and humidity for wine and beer. Wider food fridges provide more adjustable shelving and bins.

Think about your lifestyle and storage habits. Maximize the utility you need.

Temperature Control and Zones

Variable temperature controls allow you to customize cooling for different needs. Look for units with at least two zones – one for general storage around 38°F, and one set cooler for meats/seafood.

More advanced models have zones dedicated to just produce, beverages, deli, etc. Precise temperature management ensures everything stays fresh longer.

Storage Design and Organization

Without a freezer, all interior space is usable refrigerator storage. Look for models with:

  • Adjustable, spillproof glass shelving
  • Slide out bins and baskets
    -Modular door racks and bins
  • Beverage rack options

Customizable organization systems let you tailor the layout to your needs.

Door Configurations

Many units feature French door-style openings with dual compartments for easy access. Others have full-width single doors, ideal for built-in settings.

Some high-end models have triple pane or vacuum insulation glass doors to enhance efficiency and visibility inside.

Interior Lighting

LED interior lighting allows you to view contents clearly. Some models offer softer night lighting that automatically turns on for middle of the night snacking.

Additional Smart Features

Look for extra features like:

  • WiFi/app connectivity for controlling settings remotely
  • Air purification filters to eliminate odors and spoilage
  • Antimicrobial coatings for maximum cleanliness
  • Integrated water dispenser if you’ll use for beverages

Budget and Energy Efficiency

Compare pricing across models with the features you require. In general, undercounter units cost less than full-size varieties.

Also consider long term energy use. ENERGY STAR rated models provide savings over less efficient units. Weigh initial cost vs. ongoing energy expenses.

Freezerless Fridge FAQs

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions about going freezerless:

Are freezerless refrigerators more energy efficient?

Generally, yes. By removing the larger freezer compartment, freezerless fridges require less energy to run since only the refrigerator section needs to stay chilled. They use at least 10% less power on average.

What temperature are freezerless refrigerators set at?

Most maintain a main refrigerator zone around 36-38°F. Models with separate produce or beverage zones cool those areas slightly lower, from 34-37°F.

Without a freezer’s sub-zero chill, the overall interior temperature of a freezerless unit runs warmer. Foods stay fresher longer in these gentler conditions.

How well do they keep produce fresh compared to regular refrigerators?

Excellent! Warmer temperatures,moisture control, and separate produce compartments all extend the life of fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

You’ll reduce spoilage and enjoy garden-fresh produce for weeks. Some units even have special crisper drawer filters to trap ethylene gas and prevent overripening.

How much pre-cooked food can you store without freezing?

While freezerless fridges don’t replace long-term frozen storage, their consistent 36-38°F chill preserves leftovers and cooked foods safely for 4-5 days.

That’s plenty of time to enjoy takeout or home cooked meals without wasting food. Just portion dishes into smaller containers to chill and reheat throughout the week.

What are the best organizational systems and accessories to use?

Adjustable glass or wire shelves, slide-out bins, and door racks all help. Clear organizers allow you to see contents easily.

For beverages, use can dispensers, wine bottle racks, and chilled pint glass holders. Produce keepers with ethylene filters prolong freshness.

How often do freezerless refrigerators need cleaning?

General guidelines are to clean the interior every 1-2 months. Wipe shelves, bins, and storage drawers with mild soap and warm water or baking soda solution.

Disinfect door gaskets every few months. Unplug and clean the external condenser coils every 6 months for maximum efficiency.

What are the cost differences between models?

Basic models start around $1,000, with more advanced units ranging up to $4,000 or more. In general, wider standard sizes cost more than narrow undercounter varieties.

More premium features like WiFi connectivity, filtered water, and pro-style finishes also increase cost. Shop sales and promotions for the best deals.

How noisy are they compared to regular refrigerators?

Well-built units run very quietly – you may only hear a low hum or the occasional compressor click-on. Better insulation prevents vibrations.

Undercounter models designed for built-in use tend to be a bit quieter overall since sound is muffled. Be sure to check noise ratings when comparing models.

How does capacity compare to same-size models with freezers?

Removing the freezer section means all interior space becomes refrigerator capacity. A 36-inch wide freezerless unit will store significantly more than a same-size fridge with a freezer.

Just be sure to size the refrigerator compartments appropriately based on your household’s needs. Too large may result in food waste.

What design options are available for a fitted look?

Many brands offer coordinating trim kits, panels, and handles to integrate undercounter units seamlessly with cabinetry. This creates a unified built-in look.

You can also select finish options like wood overlay panels or stainless steel to match other appliances. Ventilation requirements may affect full-flush installations – be sure to check manufacturer guidelines.

Tips for Choosing and Using Your Freezerless Fridge

Here are some top tips for selecting and utilizing the right freezerless refrigerator:

  • Take measurements of the intended installation space – this determines size options.
  • Make a list of must-have features based on your storage needs and lifestyle.
  • Carefully evaluate the types of food and beverages you’ll regularly store.
  • If hosting frequently, look for models with ice and water dispensers.
  • Prioritize adjustable shelves, bins, and compartments for flexible organization.
  • Consider smart enabled models for controlling and monitoring remotely.
  • Read reviews and talk to sales associates to gauge quality and reliability.
  • Comparison shop models and prices to maximize value.
  • Schedule professional installation if needed, especially for built-in models.

By thoughtfully choosing the right freezerless refrigerator for your needs, you’ll enjoy optimized fresh food storage and easy organization. Reduce appliance noise and simplify your kitchen layout.

The flexibility and convenience of going freezerless promotes healthier eating habits. So skip the freezer and relax with chilled beverages from your streamlined new fridge!

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