The Complete Guide to 4 Drawer Dishwashers

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Dishwashers have become an essential appliance in most homes. They save time, energy, and water compared to washing dishes by hand. But the standard dishwashers with just 2 racks can sometimes fall short if you regularly cook large meals or entertain guests. This is where 4 drawer dishwashers really shine.

4 drawer dishwashers provide more flexibility and capacity than traditional dishwashers. Rather than 2 large racks, they have 4 individual pull-out drawers that each act as a mini dishwasher. You can run all 4 drawers at once, or just 1 or 2 at a time. This allows you to efficiently wash small loads and avoids running half-empty cycles. The divided drawers also make loading easier by reducing the risk of dishes bumping into each other.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the top 4 drawer dishwasher models, how to select the right one for your needs, and answers to frequently asked questions about these innovative appliances. Let’s get started!

The Best 4 Drawer Dishwashers

When shopping for a 4 drawer dishwasher, you’ll find options from high-end luxury brands as well as more affordable models. Performance, features, warranty, and cost will all factor into your decision. Based on expert reviews and customer experiences, here are our top recommendations:

Miele G 7104 ScuCLST

If you’re looking for the creme de la creme, the Miele G 7104 ScuCLST takes the cake. Miele is known for its impeccable German engineering and this model delivers. Each of the 4 drawers holds up to 14 place settings and the flexible racks adjust in height to fit items like stemware.

The Honeycomb Care technology gently protects dishes while still removing stuck-on food. It has a sound rating of just 44 dB for whisper quiet performance. Miele dishwashers are built to last for up to 20 years. This model comes with a hefty price tag but die-hard fans say it’s worth every penny.

Key Features:

  • Super quiet at 44 dB
  • Honeycomb Care protects dishes
  • BrilliantLight shines a light on dishes
  • AutoOpen drying draws air into the dishwasher
  • FlexLine baskets adjust to fit various items

Pros: Extremely quiet, excellent cleaning results, flexible adjustable racks, premium build quality

Cons: Very expensive

Price Range: $$$$$

Fisher & Paykel DD24SCX9

The Fisher & Paykel DD24SCX9 is a more wallet-friendly alternative with many high-end features. This model has a sleek contemporary design with a stainless steel finish. The flexible racks allow you to customize the drawer configurations.

The dual orbit cleaning system provides comprehensive spray coverage. The Eco cycle conserves energy and water. At just 46 dB, this Fisher & Paykel operates very quietly. It’s an excellent option for the price.

Key Features:

  • Dual orbit and spray arm cleaning
  • Quiet operation at 46 dB
  • Eco cycle saves energy and water
  • Flexible rack configurations
  • Sleek minimalist design

Pros: Powerful cleaning, quiet, Eco-friendly cycle, customizable racks, attractive modern aesthetic

Cons: Not as quiet or durable as Miele

Price Range: $$$

Kitchenaid KDTM404KPS

Kitchenaid dishwashers are popular for their solid performance and durability. The Kitchenaid KDTM404KPS 4 drawer model has the quality construction the brand is known for. The exterior is fingerprint resistant with a smudge-proof stainless steel finish.

The ProWash cycle uses advanced sensors to optimize the wash. Each drawer is individually controlled and the upper rack is adjustable. At 44 dB, it operates quietly. This is a great midrange pick under the Kitchenaid name.

Key Features:

  • ProWash cycle customizes the wash
  • SatinGlide rails for smooth drawer function
  • Adjustable Clean30 cycle cleans in 30 minutes
  • Top rack adjusts for taller items
  • Sound insulation provides quiet operation

Pros: Good cleaning performance, individual drawer control, name brand reliability

Cons: Lower-end Kitchenaid, less features than premium brands

Price Range: $$


For those seeking an entry-level 4 drawer dishwasher, the GE GDT605PSJSS is a budget-friendly choice. The 4 split drawers provide flexibility and the 3rd rack on top adds more loading room. Bottle jets target hard-to-clean items.

At 53 dB, it operates at an average noise level. The exterior is simple with a smudge-resistant finish. The Piranha Hard Food Disposer breaks down stubborn food debris. Overall, this GE option offers decent performance for the low price.

Key Features:

  • 3rd rack for extra loading capacity
  • Bottle jets for stuck-on food and condiments
  • Piranha food disposer grinds up food particles
  • Steam + Sani option sanitizes with hot steam
  • 4 individually controlled drawers

Pros: Lower price, 3rd rack for more space, bottle jets

Cons: Louder than premium models, basic features

Price Range: $


While Miele dishwashers take first prize for incredible quality and performance, they come at a steep price. For a top-tier appliance under $2000, the Fisher & Paykel DD24SCX9 hits the sweet spot of power, practicality and peace of mind. The Kitchenaid KDTM404KPS gives reliable results for mid-range budgets. And the GE GDT605PSJSS lets you try the 4 drawer system on a budget.

Keep reading for buying factors when selecting your ideal 4 drawer dishwasher.

How to Choose a 4 Drawer Dishwasher

Ready to upgrade from your standard dishwasher and enjoy the perks of 4 drawers? Here are the key factors to consider when selecting a model:

Size and Dimensions

First, measure your kitchen space and confirm the dimensions of the dishwasher. Standard sizes include:

  • 18 inch width: Narrower drawers, best for small kitchens
  • 24 inch width: Most common size, fits standard cutout spaces
  • 30-32 inch width: Wider tubs and more capacity

Also check the height. With 4 tubs stacked, these dishwashers can be over 6 feet tall.

Make sure you have enough clearance next to the dishwasher to fully open the drawers. Review the dimensions and required cutout size before purchasing.

Wash Cycles and Settings

Look for wash cycles and options that fit your dishwashing needs. Some key settings include:

  • Heavy or Pots/Pans: For baked on food and greasy dishes. Uses higher temps and more spray jets.
  • Normal or Regular: For everyday loads and standard dishes. Balances cleaning performance with efficiency.
  • Eco: Conserves the most energy and water. Takes longer but saves resources.
  • Quick or Express: For lightly soiled dishes that need a fast wash. Usually 30 minutes or less.
  • Rinse: For rinsing dishes to be washed later. Uses less water.
  • Sanitize: Gets dishes ultra clean by heating water to sanitize temperatures. Ideal for households with kids or food allergies.

The more cycles, the more versatility for all types of dishes.

Noise Level

Dishwasher noise is measured in decibels (dB). Most operate between 44-50 dB, similar to a humming refrigerator. Look for models with sound insulation for the quietest performance. Miele dishwashers are pioneering ultra quiet operation at just 44 dB.

Brand Reliability and Reputation

Stick to known brands with positive reputations like:

  • Miele: The gold standard for quality and durability.
  • Kitchenaid: Great for mid-range budgets. Their appliances last 15+ years.
  • Fisher & Paykel: Innovative features and sleek contemporary design.
  • GE: Reliable performance for an entry-level 4 drawer dishwasher.

Read reviews and complaints for any brand you’re considering, since lemon appliances can slip through with any company.

Special Features

Higher end models offer extra features that add convenience:

  • Wifi: Monitor cycle status and control your dishwasher remotely.
  • AutoOpen drying: The dishwasher automatically opens after the cycle to circulate air and enhance drying.
  • Third rack: Provides extra loading room for utensils and small items.
  • Bottle jets: Target stuck-on condiments inside bottles and jars.
  • Flex racks: Adjustable tines and loading options to customize each drawer.

Consider which features would be useful for your household.


4 drawer dishwashers range from $700 on the low end to $2500+ for premium brands. Set your budget and look for the best equipped model you can afford. You want to invest in reliability and performance that will last over a decade.

Aesthetics and Design

These dishwashers can be a visual focal point rather than hidden behind cabinetry. Choose a style and finish that matches your kitchen design, such as:

  • Stainless steel
  • Black or white
  • Minimalist or traditional styling
  • Custom panel ready to blend the exterior into cabinetry

FAQs About 4 Drawer Dishwashers

What are the benefits of a 4 drawer dishwasher?

Flexibility is the key advantage. With independently controlled drawers, you can wash just a few items in one drawer rather than running a half-empty normal dishwasher. Different drawers can run different cycles. The divided tubs keep dishes separated and reduce damage compared to jumbled racks. 4 drawer models hold up to 16 place settings for large households.

How much water and electricity do they use compared to regular dishwashers?

Similar or less. Top models like Miele are EnergyStar certified for efficiency. The 4 drawer design allows running just 1 drawer for small loads rather than firing up an entire large dishwasher. Eco cycles conserve the most resources. There is little to no difference in resource consumption compared to traditional dishwashers.

What size kitchen is best suited for a 4 drawer dishwasher?

Larger kitchens with an open concept work best to allow easy access to the multiple drawers. But 18 inch standard width models can adapt to fit smaller galley kitchen spaces as well. Avoid awkward layouts that would block drawers or make them hard to open.

How do you load a 4 drawer dishwasher properly?

Evenly distribute dishes between the 4 drawers. Place larger items like pots and platters in the bottom drawers. The upper drawers are ideal for glasses, small plates and flatware. Check manual for recommended loading patterns. Don’t overload the drawers or block the wash arms from spinning.

Do you need to prewash dishes before putting them in a 4 drawer dishwasher?

No, prewashing is not necessary with most models. Simply scrape off any large food pieces into the sink, but the washer is designed to handle stuck-on foods. However, heavily soiled pots and pans may need soaking or a quick rinse to help the dishwasher do its job.

What kind of detergent should be used in a 4 drawer dishwasher?

Look for dishwasher detergents marked as “2-in-1” or “3-in-1.” These contain enzymes or soap along with rinse agents for an all-in-one formula. Cascade, Finish and Seventh Generation make quality options. Avoid hand washing detergents like Dawn which will oversuds. Detergent pods are convenient. Always check the manual.

How do you clean and maintain a 4 drawer dishwasher?

  • Remove and rinse food particles and debris from the filter monthly.
  • Run empty vinegar cycle monthly to de-lime and disinfect.
  • Use dishwasher cleaning products like Affresh to remove grease and mineral buildup.
  • Clean door gaskets with a damp cloth and spray rubber protectant to prevent mold.
  • Descale minerals in hard water areas every 6 months with vinegar or citric acid cleaners.

What is the average price range for 4 drawer dishwashers?

Budget models start around $700, although more basic with less features. Mid-range dishwashers with added features and reliability run $900 to $1500. High end luxury models like Miele and JennAir can cost $2000 to $3000. Shop sales around holidays for the best deals.

Are 4 drawer dishwashers noisy?

They run at about the same noise level as traditional dishwashers, typically 44 dB to 50 dB, or about as loud as a refrigerator hum. High end brands like Miele focus on sound insulation and quiet performance of just 44 dB. Close the kitchen door at night to block noise while running.

How reliable are 4 drawer dishwashers?

Top rated brands offer excellent reliability and longevity. Miele dishwashers are built to last 20 years. KitchenAid, Bosch, and Fisher & Paykel also have great reputations. Stick to reputable brands and proper care, and a 4 drawer dishwasher should function smoothly for over a decade. Extended warranties add peace of mind.

Key Takeaways on 4 Drawer Dishwashers

  • 4 drawer dishwashers provide flexible, divided wash tubs instead of two large racks for better organization.
  • They allow washing small loads in just one drawer to save energy and water.
  • Look for adjustable racks, specialized spray jets and high-end features in top models.
  • Focus on sound rating, dimensions, cycles and brand reputation when selecting a unit.
  • Proper loading, detergent choice and regular maintenance keeps any 4 drawer dishwasher running in tip-top condition.

Adding this innovative 4 drawer design appliance can make dishwashing much more efficient and effective for busy families and kitchens. With adjustable loading options and independent drawer operation, they provide benefits over traditional dishwashers. Consider the top picks and buying factors in this guide to select the ideal model to upgrade your dish washing experience.

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