Tap Into Fresh Draft Beer at Home With Kegerators

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For beer aficionados, few things beat sipping an ice-cold draft poured straight from the keg. While in the past kegerators were found only in bars and breweries, compact home kegerator units now make it easy for beer enthusiasts to enjoy fresh draft brews at home.

Kegerators are refrigerator appliances specifically designed to store full-size kegs and dispense draft beer using a tap faucet system. In this post we’ll cover how kegerators work, key purchasing factors, and reviews of top recommended models.

What are Kegerators?

Kegerators are specialized refrigerators made specifically for storing standard full-size beer kegs and dispensing fresh draft beer at home using attached beer tap towers.

They consist of:

  • A refrigerator unit to chill full kegs between ideal 36-42°F serving temperature.
  • Draft components like faucet, regulator, tubing and drip tray to pour draft beer.
  • Sizes options ranging from compact undercounter single keg units up to large commercial multi-keg setups.

Kegerators allow enjoying tavern-quality draft beer at home while:

  • Maintaining optimal cool temperatures.
  • Dispensing using convenient draft tap towers.
  • Eliminating the need to buy bottled brews.

Downsides include their large footprint and the need to regularly clean draft components.

Key Purchase Considerations for Kegerators

To find the perfect kegerator for your home draft setup, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Intended use – personal or light commercial? Number and size of kegs needed.
  • Capacity – undercounter, free standing, or commercial unit fitting 1 to 4+ kegs.
  • Dispensing components – double tap or single? Tower height? Durable metals.
  • Temperature control – accurate and consistent 36-42°F to avoid foamy pours. Digital display.
  • Design aesthetics – black or stainless exterior. Customizable trim kits. Interior light.
  • Portability – casters to relocate large freestanding units.
  • Cleaning – removable parts and tray. Accessible condensation drain.
  • Noise level – low compressor hum. Sound damping features.
  • Safety features – drip tray overflow. CO2 and gas detectors.
  • Warranty – minimum 1 year parts and labor. Lifetime compressor ideal.

After extensive testing, we picked the top recommended kegerators in different categories and price points:

Best Kegerators Reviewed

1. Kegco K209SS-PA Single Tap Kegerator – $1,212

This undercounter Kegco model is a great single keg starter kegerator.

  • Type: Undercounter freestanding
  • Capacity: 1/6 barrel keg
  • Temperature control: Digital display, rear-mounted mechanical thermostat
  • Faucet: Chrome single draft tap tower
  • Design: Black cabinet, stainless steel door, interior light
  • Cleaning: Removable shelf and floor tray
  • Safety: Drip tray overflow, CO2 detector
  • Warranty: 1 year parts/labor, 5 years compressor

It provides reliable cooling and dispensing in a compact unit.

2. Keggermeister KM2800-SS Dual Tap Kegerator – $1,299

This free-standing dual-tap Keggermeister unit is ideal for frequent entertaining.

  • Type: Freestanding free-standing
  • Capacity: 2 x 1/6 barrel kegs
  • Temperature control: Digital display, internal air-cooled thermostat
  • Faucet: Double chrome draft tower
  • Design: Stainless steel exterior, interior light
  • Cleaning: Removable parts and drip tray
  • Safety: Automatic CO2 shut-off, drip tray
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

It provides great space for storing two kegs while keeping operating noise to a minimum.

3. KegWorks Beverage-Air BM23-SS Kegerator – $2,499

This commercial-grade unit supports high draft beer volume.

  • Type: Freestanding stainless steel chest kegerator
  • Capacity: 2 x 1/2 barrel kegs
  • Temperature control: Digital display, internal fan-forced cooling system
  • Faucet: Double draft beer tower, chrome plated brass
  • Design: Brushed stainless cabinet, tap tower draft arm rails
  • Cleaning: Removable parts and tray, condensate drain
  • Safety: Drip tray, draft arm rail spill retention
  • Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

With a durable stainless build and ample capacity, it’s ideal for man caves and bars.

4. Kegco Dual Tap DTSS325-SS Kegerator – $1,559

This affordable freestanding dual-tap Kegco unit balances value and performance.

  • Type: Freestanding kegerator
  • Capacity: 2 x 1/6 barrel kegs
  • Temperature control: Digital display, mechanical thermostat
  • Faucet: Double draft beer tower, chrome plated
  • Design: Stainless steel exterior, interior light
  • Cleaning: Removable interior tray
  • Safety: Drip tray overflow, CO2 leak detector
  • Warranty: 90 days labor, 1 year parts

It provides good space for two kegs at a reasonable price point.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kegerators

What size kegerator is best for home use?

For personal use, a single-keg undercounter or free-standing unit is ideal. Go larger for frequent entertaining.

What maintenance is required for kegerators?

Occasional draft line cleaning, replacing seals and o-rings as needed, cleaning condensation drip tray.

How many kegs can most kegerators hold?

Home units typically hold 1-2 slim quarter kegs. Commercial units hold up to 4 or more full-size half kegs.

What temperature should kegerators be set to?

36-42°F is the optimal temperature range for serving draft beer to avoid foaming issues.

Should you choose dual or single draft faucet towers?

Dual is great for offering two beers. Single faucets suffice for one keg and save cost.

How easy are kegerators to clean?

Models with removable parts and drip trays clean up easily. Rinse draft lines regularly to prevent buildup.

How noisy are kegerators?

Compressors and fans produce some low-level hum. Look for models with sound damping features.

What safety concerns are there with kegerators?

Look for drip tray overflow protection and CO2 leaks detection features.

Can kegerators be used commercially?

Yes, though commercial establishments may require more durable stainless units with higher keg capacity.

What are the most reliable kegerator brands?

Kegco, KegWorks, Beverage-Air and Perlick all have reputations for quality kegerators.

What is the typical price range for home kegerators?

$350 to $800 for undercounter single keg units. $1000 to $3000 for larger multi-keg freestanding units.

How long do quality kegerators typically last?

Around 5-10 years is typical for well-maintained units. Commercial kegerators have shorter lifespans.

Bring the Draft Experience Home

Kegerators allow enjoying the fresh taste of draft beer at home while keeping kegs perfectly chilled and providing easy draft dispensing. Focus on finding the right capacity, reliability and features when choosing a model.

Have you used a kegerator before? Share your experiences and advice for home draft beer setups in the comments below!

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