Securing Your Boundaries: The Best Fencing Options at Lowe’s

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If you’re looking to add privacy, aesthetic appeal, or protection to your property, one of the best home improvement investments is installing a new fence. With its wide selection of styles, configurations and materials, Lowe’s makes it easy to find gorgeous, durable fencing solutions to meet your needs.

In this guide, we’ll explore the key considerations when choosing new fencing along with recommendations for the top options available at Lowe’s for privacy, security, aesthetics and value. Whether a simple chain link perimeter or an artisan cedar masterpiece, your perfect fence starts here. Let’s dive into the possibilities!

Key Factors When Choosing Lowe’s Fencing

While fences may seem pretty straightforward, there are a few important factors to weigh:

  • Fencing Material – Each has pros and cons from wood’s natural beauty to vinyl’s low-maintenance durability. Assess climate, costs, and upkeep needs.
  • Privacy Level – Height, material opacity, and style impact privacy and security. A 6 foot solid wood fence creates a secluded retreat while a 3 foot wire mesh provides boundary with visibility.
  • Style Options – From decorative pickets to shadowbox, lattice tops and more, explore styles complementing your home. Finials, gates and arbors add flair.
  • Premade vs. Custom Fencing – Premade panels offer speed but custom allows tailoring to precise measurements. Lowe’s provides both options.
  • Install Complexity – Some projects are very DIY friendly while complex sites benefit from Lowe’s professional installation. Factor in tools/skills required.
  • Extra Features – Incorporate gates, lighting, keypads, and rot resistance based on function. Plan now for desired enhancements.
  • Budget – Prices vary widely depending on materials, styling, and installation. Select affordable options that still meet needs.
  • Local Regulations – Ensure proposed fencing meets property guidelines for location, height maximums, and permitting needs.

Keep these aspects in mind as we explore some of the best Lowe’s fencing possibilities for your yard.

Best for Privacy: 6 Ft Cedar Shadowbox Fencing

When full privacy is the priority, it’s hard to beat traditional cedar shadowbox fencing. The alternating board configuration completely eliminates direct views through the fence for a secluded feel. At 6 feet tall, it provides ample height while remaining within most residential guidelines.

Cedar naturally resists moisture, decay, and insect damage. Its attractive reddish-brown tones and wood grain blend beautifully into landscaping. As a premium material, cedar does come at a higher cost but pays off with longevity and requiring no toxic chemical treatments.

With Lowe’s, you can choose pre-assembled cedar shadowbox panels for quicker installation or customized panels sized specifically for your property lines. Their team can also provide full installation services if desired. Expect to invest $15-$30 per linear foot including materials and professional assembly.

For the ultimate in visual privacy plus natural, timeless beauty, this cedar shadowbox fence can’t be beat. Just account for the required periodic maintenance to keep the wood sealed and protected. Your backyard oasis awaits!

Best for Security: Lowe’s Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

Sometimes you need sturdy, economical perimeter security rather than privacy. That’s where galvanized steel chain link fencing excels. The woven wire pattern provides see-through visibility while maintaining a boundary and preventing easy trespassing.

Chain link fencing offers straight-forward DIY installation even for beginners. Lowe’s stocks pre-assembled rolls at common heights like 4 feet, or can custom cut lengths to suit your property. Top/bottom rails bolt securely into metal posts sunk in concrete. Expect installed costs around $10-$15 per linear foot.

This affordable workhorse will handle security and pet containment needs for decades. Other benefits include wind/debris resistance and offering a contrasting metallic texture against greenery. Just be prepared for moderate ongoing maintenance like lubricating rails to prevent rust over time in harsh climates.

Ultimately, basic chain link fencing provides durable protection on a budget. For economical security suited to community guidelines, Lowe’s chain link is the go-to.

Best Decorative: Stratton Cedar with Lattice

Sometimes fences aren’t just functional – they provide beautiful accent and decoration to enhance curb appeal. For ornate character, one stunning possibility is Stratton dog ear fencing with lattice top caps.

The timeless comb-cut picket design crafted in fragrant cedar offers a polished, upscale look. Adding a lattice top with finial posts dresses the fence up further while allowing air flow. Matching gates with arbors can complete the decorative theme.

As a custom Lowe’s project, you can select any finish, height and materials combination imaginable within budget. Expect to invest $25-$50 per foot for materials, construction and installation of an accent masterpiece fence to make your landscape shine.

Cedar does demand proper sealing and maintenance to preserve its beauty over time. But for showstopping ornamental appeal, few choices can compete with a Stratton cedar and lattice stunner.

Best Composite: Bufftech Oxford Vinyl

For low-maintenance durability, composite fencing is a compelling choice. Bufftech Oxford vinyl fencing from CertainTeed blends the comfort of wood with composite resilience.

Made from PVC and recycled polymers, Oxford vinyl looks attractive in hues emulating natural wood. But unlike real timber, it strongly resists moisture, pests, decay and decomposition with minimal upkeep required. Oxford vinyl installs much like wood using standard tools.

Matching gates, posts and accessories allow customization of everything from a classic picket perimeter to an elegant estate entrance. At $15-$25 per foot installed, the composite Oxford costs more than basic chain link but proves a sound long-term investment in quality and security.

For superb durability with timeless styling, Bufftech Oxford vinyl merits consideration. You gain wood’s beauty without the continual maintenance.

Transform Your Yard at Lowe’s

Whether your goal is creating a peaceful retreat, establishing a sturdy perimeter, or just adding some visual flair, Lowe’s has the fencing solutions to bring your vision to life. Take time to assess your needs and property constraints before selecting materials and styles tailored to your goals, lifestyle and budget.

With the right planning, you can build a new fence foundation that provides security, privacy and aesthetic appeal for years ahead. Turn to Lowe’s knowledgeable staff and wide-ranging inventory to make your perfect fencing dream a reality. Before you know it, you’ll have a backyard transformed and ready to enjoy!

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