Maximize Laundry Space with the Best Stacked Laundry Centers

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If you’re dealing with a tiny laundry room or closet, space-saving stacked laundry centers are an attractive option. Stacked laundry centers combine a front load washer and dryer into one vertical unit to maximize floor area.

For apartments or small houses, stacked laundry pairs provide an efficient cleaning solution where side-by-side or separate machines won’t fit. In this post, we’ll overview stacked laundry benefits, key buying considerations, and top recommended models.

What are Stacked Laundry Centers?

Stacked laundry centers consist of a front load washing machine paired with either an electric or gas dryer, installed in a vertical configuration rather than side-by-side units.

Key benefits of stacked laundry centers include:

  • Space saving design: Smaller footprint fits in closets and bathrooms better than full size separate or side-by-side units.
  • Convenient configuration: Washer and dryer aesthetically matched and configured as one unit.
  • Efficiency: Front load washers use less water. Dryers typically run on standard 120V power.
  • Storage options: Some models include pull-out drawers or a counter surface.

The main trade-offs are capacity – stacked units offer less than full size separate machines – and serviceability – repairs are more complicated on stacked configurations. Units also tend to be quite tall.

Key Buying Considerations for Stacked Laundry Centers

To choose the right stacked laundry center for your needs, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Washer capacity: Look for at least 4 cubic feet for sufficient load size.
  • Dryer capacity: 5 cubic feet minimum, larger is better for drying bulky items.
  • Wash cycles: Seek various cycles like heavy, gentle/handwash, speed wash options. Steam cycles are a nice bonus.
  • Dryer features: Moisture sensor for auto shut-off. Wrinkle prevention and steam cycles also useful.
  • Efficiency: Seek ENERGY STAR certification for washer and dryer. Saves energy and water.
  • Noise level: Important especially in open floor plans. Look for models with quiet or silent modes.
  • Design aesthetic: Matching washer and dryer finishes for a cohesive look. Integrated drawer/counter space is useful.
  • Control access: Controls should be conveniently reachable on the units despite the height. Clear displays.
  • Reliability: Check reviews and warranties closely. Repairs are challenging and expensive on stacked units.
  • Budget: Expect to spend $1700 – $4000 for a quality stacked laundry center.

After extensive research, we’ve identified the top 4 recommended stacked laundry centers that balance functionality, reliability and cost:

Best Stacked Laundry Centers Reviewed

1. LG SideKickTM Washer/Dryer – $3,298

This LG laundry tower maximizes capacity while maintaining a narrow footprint. Details:

  • Washer: 4.5 cu ft, steam cycles, 6Motion technology. ENERGY STAR.
  • Dryer: 7.4 cu ft, sensor dry, wrinkle care, quiet operation.
  • Noise: Washer at 51 dB, dryer at 60 dB. Low vibration.
  • Design: Sleek matching Graphite Steel finish. Reversible door.
  • Pros: Large capacities, multiple wash cycles, 10 year warranty.
  • Cons: Expensive. Dryer runs loud according to some users.
  • Reviews: Users happy with wash and dry performance in a small space.

2. GE Stacked Laundry GUD27EMMMW/D27EMMMES – $2,698

This popular GE laundry tower provides good value for money. Details:

  • Washer: 4.5 cu ft, multiple cycles, stain removal guide. ENERGY STAR.
  • Dryer: 7 cu ft, sensor dry, steam refresh, sanitize cycles.
  • Noise: Both washer and dryer operate quietly at around 50 dB.
  • Design: Clean white finish, reversible door, storage drawer.
  • Pros: Reliable performance, good value, 1 year warranty.
  • Cons: Dryer capacity less than higher priced models.
  • Reviews: Owners pleased with wash/dry performance in a compact unit.

3. Electrolux Stacked Laundry EFLS627UTT – $2,543

The Electrolux laundry pair focuses on efficiency and reducing noise. Details:

  • Washer: 4.4 cu ft,15 cycles, steam option, SmartBoost technology.
  • Dryer: 7 cu ft, Perfect SteamTM, instant refresh cycles, IQ-Touch controls.
  • Noise: Washer at 72 dB, dryer at 65 dB. Both have silent modes.
  • Design: Sleek platinum finish, reversible door, integrated storage drawer.
  • Pros: Very efficient, ultra-quiet performance, 10 year warranty.
  • Cons: Lower capacity in washer and dryer.
  • Reviews: Owners love the quiet function and reliability.

4. Samsung Stackable Flex Washer/Dryer – $1,898

This affordable Samsung laundry tower focuses on flexible installation.

  • Washer: 4.5 cu ft, vibration reduction technology, self clean.
  • Dryer: 7 cu ft, steam sanitize, multi steam. ENERGY STAR.
  • Noise: Both washer and dryer are quite loud at over 70 dB.
  • Design: White steel finish. Fully customizable installation.
  • Pros: Flexible venting and installation. Good value. 1 year warranty.
  • Cons: Very loud in operation according to reviews.
  • Reviews: Users happy with performance and installation flexibility.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stacked Laundry Centers

How much floor space do stacked units save over side-by-side?

About 6-12 square feet. Stacked pairs can fit in a closet, side-by-sides need more open floor space.

Is capacity sacrificed with stacked units?

Yes, expect 3-5 cu ft washers and 5-7 cu ft dryers, less than full size separate models.

Are repairs harder on stacked laundry centers?

Yes, repairs require uninstalling units and are complicated by configuration. Warranties are important.

Do stacked laundry centers require professional installation?

Yes, definitely recommended to ensure correct venting,stability, electrical. Most brands offer installation service.

Can stacked units be installed in a closet or very small space?

Yes, but ensure proper ventilation for the dryer. Leave minimum clearance gaps.

Do stacked units come in both gas and electric dryer configurations?

Yes, stacked units are available with gas or electric dryers depending on utility connections.

Is dryer ventilation an issue?

Ventilation is very important. Use rigid metal ducting and limit bends/length to maximize airflow.

Do stacked units offer storage drawers or counter space?

Some do come with integrated storage drawers or counter tops – a nice bonus feature.

Are controls conveniently reachable on stacked units?

Controls should be within reasonable reach. Look for units with clear displays at eye level.

Are stackable laundry centers more expensive?

Yes, expect to pay $1700 to $4000 based on capacity, features and brand. More than buying separate units.

Are stacked units suitable for large families with lots of laundry?

Not ideal – separate full size units would be better for large laundry loads. Stacked better for 1-3 people.

Maximize Tiny Laundry Spaces With Stacked Centers

For small laundry closets or rooms, stacked laundry centers provide an efficient 2-in-1 solution. Keep capacity, noise, reliability and professional installation in mind while shopping.

Have you used stacked laundry units in your home? Let us know your experience in the comments!

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