Keep It Cool: A Guide to Choosing the Best Refrigerated Prep Tables for Commercial Kitchens

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Having efficient and reliable refrigerated prep tables is essential for any commercial kitchen. Sturdy prep tables with ample refrigerated storage below keep ingredients chilled at proper temperatures for food safety. They also provide expansive worksurfaces for convenient mise en place.

With so many refrigerated prep table options on the market, how do you pick the right ones for your kitchen? This comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know, including:

  • Reviews of the top refrigerated prep tables
  • Key buying considerations when selecting prep tables
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about commercial prep tables

Let’s start by looking at some of the best refrigerated prep tables highly rated for performance, durability and value.

The Best Refrigerated Prep Tables for Busy Commercial Kitchens

After thorough evaluation, these refrigerated prep tables emerge as top-rated options for their exceptional temperature regulation, durable construction, and useful features.

True GDM-33-LD Refrigerated Prep Table

This versatile refrigerated prep table from True provides the ideal combination of chilled cabinet storage and ample stainless steel worksurface for prepping ingredients.

The cabinet features True’s patented forced-air refrigeration system to maintain 33°F to 41°F temperatures and ensure proper food safety. The sturdy stainless steel exterior and interior resist corrosion. It’s equipped with two shelving units that accommodate full hotel pans for organized storage.

The tabletop provides a spacious 33 inch width for handling tasks like chopping, breading, and staging dishes. The durable stainless surface is easy to clean and sanitize. This high performance prep table handles the demands of busy kitchens.


  • Maintains consistent interior temps
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Accommodates full hotel pans
  • Spacious 33 inch prep surface
  • Sturdy quality construction


  • Expensive but worth the investment
  • No interior LED lighting

Arctic Air AR48 Refrigerated Prep Table

This Arctic Air prep table provides an affordable medium-duty refrigerated prep table option. The interior maintains temperatures from 32°F to 41°F for safe food storage. The full-length stainless steel prep surface offers ample room for handling kitchen tasks.

The cabinet is constructed of painted steel rather than stainless steel to keep costs down. It contains two shelves that can hold standard 12 x 20 full sized pans. The dual-pane glass door allows easy interior viewing without letting the cold air escape when opened frequently. Overall, it’s a great value pick for low- to medium-volume kitchens.


  • Maintains proper temp range
  • Full-length prep surface
  • Glass door for easy viewing
  • Budget-friendly price point


  • Painted steel is less durable than stainless
  • Door can allow cold air leaks unlike solid doors

Atosa MSF1-48-18 Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table

This sandwich prep table from Atosa is designed specifically for sandwich stations with undercounter refrigeration and wide stainless steel prep surface above. The interior maintains temperatures from 32°F to 41°F for keeping meats, cheeses, and other sandwich ingredients fresh.

The spacious 18 inch tabletop provides ample room for assembling sandwiches to order while the refrigerated space below stores ingredients ready to go. The front-breathing design allows built-in installation for space savings. For high volume sandwich shops, this specialty prep table optimizes sandwich production.


  • Designed specifically for sandwich stations
  • Maintains proper temperature range
  • Wide 18” workspace for assembling sandwiches
  • Front-breathing for built-in installs


  • Only includes one shelf
  • Glass door not ideal for high-traffic kitchens

Randell RPP2-48 Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table

This pizza prep table from Randell provides refrigerated storage specially designed for keeping pizza ingredients like dough and cheese chilled and ready for busy pizza restaurants. The undercounter refrigerator maintains optimal 33°F to 41°F temperature range.

The spacious tabletop worksurface provides plenty of room for preparing pizza dough, sauces, and toppings. The interior fits standard 12 x 20 pans. The door is solid rather than glass to prevent cold loss when opened frequently. If you need a dedicated pizza making station, this prep table delivers excellent functionality.


  • Designed for pizza ingredient storage
  • Maintains proper temperature range
  • Extra wide tabletop for pizza prep
  • Solid door prevents cold air loss


  • Limited interior storage with 1 shelf
  • Pricey but a wise investment

Now that you know top refrigerated prep table options, let’s go over what to look for when selecting units.

Key Buying Considerations for Commercial Refrigerated Prep Tables

Keep the following criteria in mind when evaluating refrigerated prep tables:

Type of Prep Table

  • General purpose – Suitable for most ingredients
  • Specialty – Designed for specific uses like sandwiches or pizza


Consider your kitchen workspace and what you need to store when choosing the overall size. Standard widths are 30”, 48”, 60”, 72” and 96”. Measure your existing space to ensure proper fit. Also account for necessary clearance on all sides.

Doors and Drawers

More doors and drawers allow better organization of ingredients but come at a higher cost. Glass doors provide visibility but sacrificed temperature retention. Solid doors better maintain interior temperature.

Temperature Range

Look for units that maintain 33°F to 41°F to keep ingredients safely chilled for commercial kitchens.

Construction Materials

Choose stainless steel for maximum durability and easier cleaning. Avoid cheaper painted steel or plastic units that can chip or rust over time in commercial environments.


Select commercial-grade prep tables built for restaurant use, not residential units. Look for stainless interiors, heavy duty hinges, and quality compressors that withstand constant kitchen use.

Added Prep Features

Many tables offer extras like side rails, cutting boards, pan slides, sinks and taps to optimize food prep tasks. Decide what added features will be useful for your prep needs.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Seek prep tables with interior and exterior materials like stainless steel that clean up easily. Look for conveniently located evaporator coils for access when cleaning.

Energy Efficiency

Choose ENERGY STAR rated refrigerated prep tables designed to save on energy costs through features like automatic evaporator fan motor delays.

Warranty Coverage

Look for at least 1 year parts and labor warranty. Many reputable brands offer up to 3 years coverage on the full unit and 5+ years on the compressor.

Brand Reputation

Select established commercial equipment brands known for durable quality construction versus generic import models. Read reviews and inspect build quality first.

Now let’s answer some commonly asked questions about commercial refrigerated prep tables.

Frequently Asked Questions About Refrigerated Prep Tables

What size prep table do I need?

Consider your kitchen volume, number of prep staff, and type of ingredients you refrigerate to determine the appropriate length. Allow ample extra workspace so staff aren’t crowded. Standard lengths are 30” to 96”.

How do I choose what type of prep table to get?

General purpose prep tables work for most ingredients. Specialty models like sandwich or pizza prep tables optimize workflow for those specific tasks. Pick based on your kitchen’s needs.

What temperature should commercial prep tables maintain?

Look for units that keep 33°F to 41°F to ensure proper food safety and prevent spoilage of ingredients.

Should I get a table with drawers or shelves?

Drawers allow organizing different ingredients easily. Shelves provide open storage for large pans. Choose depending on your kitchen’s specific organizational needs.

What top material is best – stainless steel, wood, or plastic?

Stainless steel is the most durable and easiest to sanitize for commercial prep tables. Butcher block wood requires diligent sealing and sanitizing. Plastic is prone to cuts and stains over time.

What safety features should I look for?

Seeks prep tables with:

  • Magnetic door gaskets to seal cold air in
  • Door alarms that sound if left open
  • Locks to prevent unauthorized access
  • Temperature alarms if interior gets too warm
  • ADA compliant table heights

What’s better for prep tables – solid or glass door?

Solid doors better retain interior cold air but glass doors allow visibility of contents. Choose glass only for low traffic spots to limit cold air escaping.

How can I keep energy costs down?

Look for ENERGY STAR rated units with automatic evaporator fan delays, door alarms and magnetic gaskets. Maintain door seals and keep condenser coils clean.

What’s the average price range for refrigerated prep tables?

Expect to spend $1,500 – $5,000 depending on size, construction, and features. High volume specialty prep tables cost more.

How long should commercial prep tables last?

Around 10-15 years with proper maintenance and care. Choose commercial-grade units with warranties of 1-5 years for maximum longevity.

What maintenance do they require?

  • Keep door gaskets and hinges in good condition
  • Regularly clean condenser coils
  • Keep interior and exterior surfaces clean
  • Lubricate fan motors per manufacturer
  • Defrost freezer section to prevent ice buildup

Invest in reliable refrigerated prep tables designed for the demands of commercial kitchens. Use this guide to choose the perfect units to meet your foodservice business needs!

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