Dishwasher Not Cleaning? How to Choose the Right Replacement Parts and Get Your Dishes Sparkling Again

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Over time, even reliable dishwashers can start to underperform and need repairs. Worn or failing parts like pumps, control boards, and gaskets can leave you with unclean dishes, leaks, and other problems. Replacing faulty dishwasher parts can often get your appliance cleaning like new again.

In this guide, we’ll recommend top dishwasher parts worth investing in, provide helpful tips for choosing the right replacement parts for your dishwasher, and answer common questions about dishwasher repairs. Let’s revive your dishwasher!

The Best Dishwasher Replacement Parts

Here are four of the most critical dishwasher parts that may need periodic replacing:

Drain Pump

The drain pump removes wastewater from the dishwasher tub. A worn pump can lead to standing water. Look for drain pumps specifically for your dishwasher make and model for proper fit. Prices range from $50-$150 and can usually be self-installed.

Motor Control Board

This control board monitors and controls the dishwasher motor, heating coils, and sensors. If the dishwasher won’t start or stops mid-cycle, the cause is often a faulty control board. Match control boards to your model priced $200-$300. Professional installation recommended.

Door Gasket

The door gasket creates a water tight seal when closed. A ripped or damaged gasket can lead to water leaks. Measure your current gasket and choose a replacement made of durable rubber. DIY install for $20-$60 parts.

Detergent Dispenser

The dispenser holds prewash and main wash detergent. Broken dispensers result in detergent waste. Check your user manual for proper dispenser replacement. Universal dispensers available but your specific model’s dispenser will fit best.

Now that we’ve covered some critical dishwasher parts, let’s go over how to select the right parts for your model and repair needs…

How to Choose the Best Dishwasher Replacement Parts

Choosing compatible, quality replacement parts ensures successful repairs. Follow these tips:

Confirm Your Dishwasher Model

Check the manufacturer tag on your dishwasher front frame for the brand name and complete model number. Also note the serial number. This info helps identify the correct part.

Verify Part Compatibility

Use your model number to look up repair diagrams and parts lists, confirming compatibility. Avoid guesswork – the part must match your make and model or risk poor fit and performance.

Buy Genuine OEM Parts

Purchase parts made by your dishwasher’s original manufacturer if possible. While third party parts are cheaper, OEM parts better replicate your model’s fit and function for optimal, long-lasting performance.

Assess Installation Difficulty

Some parts like gaskets can be replaced with basic tools, while control boards require extensive disassembly. Gauge your DIY comfort level vs. hiring a professional to ensure success.

Compare Part Costs

Check prices across appliance parts retailers online and locally to find the best deal. Weigh the cost vs. a new dishwasher – minor inexpensive repairs can extend the appliance’s life.

Read Return Policies

In case a defective part needs to be returned, check seller policies upfront. Many offer 30-90 day part return windows along with 1 year warranties against defects.

Check Shipping Timelines

If ordering parts online, confirm expected delivery dates work for your schedule. Pick expedited shipping if needed to minimize time without a functioning dishwasher.

Consider Universal Parts

Universal replacement parts like rollers, handles, spray arms may fit across brands, but confirm specs align. Unique model specific parts like control boards must match your dishwasher.

Have Contingency Parts Ready

Order an extra gasket, hose, or other commonly damaged part when doing repairs. If something breaks during the repair process, you’ll have a backup ready to avoid delays.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dishwasher Parts

To give you the full scoop on dishwasher part selection and repairs, here are answers to some commonly asked questions:

Where can I find my dishwasher model number?

Open the door and check the right or left edge of the dishwasher frame for a sticker or metal plate with the brand, model number, and serial number listed for reference.

What are signs I need a new drain pump?

Indicators of a failing drain pump include standing water in the tub, gurgling noises, longer pump run times, and wet floors from water leakage underneath the unit.

How often should the dishwasher filter be replaced?

For optimal performance, replace your dishwasher filter every 2 years. Check it monthly and clean as needed. With heavy use, replace annually.

Why is my dishwasher door leaking?

A ripped, loose, or cracked door gasket typically causes water to leak from the door seam. Replacing the worn gasket with a new one made for your model stops leaks.

How do I know if my control board is faulty?

If the dishwasher lacks power, won’t start, stops mid-cycle, buttons don’t respond, or displays error codes, the likely culprit is a malfunctioning control board that needs replacement.

Can I replace dishwasher parts on my own?

Handy homeowners can replace universal parts like rollers, spray arms, and gaskets. But complex repairs like control boards, pumps, and valve replacements are best left to appliance service pros.

Where can I buy genuine OEM dishwasher parts?

Reliable OEM part dealers include AppliancePartsPros, Reliable Parts, and Appliance Parts 365. Only use OEM for unique model-specific parts to maintain function.

Is it worth fixing an older dishwasher or just replacing it?

If your dishwasher is over 10 years old and facing multiple repairs, replacement may be worthwhile. Compare the repair cost vs. buying a new energy efficient model.

How long does dishwasher part delivery take?

Standard shipping is 5-7 business days, but some sellers like Amazon Prime offer 2 day shipping. Choose next day or same day delivery if you need urgent repairs.

Will installing universal parts void my warranty?

Only non-OEM parts can potentially void warranties if they cause damage. Using universal rollers, latches, baskets likely won’t be an issue. Check with your manufacturer to be sure.

Restore Dishwashing Power with Quality Parts

Repairing a faltering dishwasher often comes down to replacing worn out parts causing issues. With the dishwasher parts and buying considerations covered here, you can get your dishwasher functioning like new again with the right replacement components. Investing in quality compatible parts returns your appliance to sparkling clean dishes.

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